Perks & Benefits

This is a brief summary of our perks and benefits for working at Kry/Livi. If you want to know more - get in touch!

Personal growth

We believe in always learning and developing ourselves and our skills. Sometimes we fail, but what not better way than to celebrate failure and learning from mistakes? This is where our mess-up-cake comes in. When you mess up you celebrate it with your team and buy them a cake. 

On a more serious note, we also believe in investing in your personal growth as we have weekly one-on-one coaching, personal development plans, and yearly performance reviews. 

Social activities

We celebrate the traditional holidays and our peoples birthdays, but also the more quirky and untraditional ones. Of course, we also like to invite our family and friends to the office to celebrate with us!

Tech gear

As an employee, we will make sure you have the technical equipment needed, including a phone with a phone subscription, a computer and needed accessories. 


Agile software teams made retrospective meetings popular, but they're great for all teams, which is why all teams at Kry / Livi have them weekly. There's a bunch of ways to do a retrospective. How we do it is to meet on Fridays to reflect on the past week, and we ask ourselves "how happy have we been", "what worked well," "what should we have done better," and "what are the next steps."

Stay calm and clear

We want to provide tools for our people to re-charge their batteries, which is why we have meditation- and yoga classes every week. During the week we have healthy snacks to enjoy, and we start every Monday with breakfast together.


Yearning for learning? Kry/Livi's got talent which is why we once or twice a month get together and learn more about a specific subject. We want our co-workers to educate us on what they do best. We believe that learning from each other can foster not just cognitive development, but community connections as well.


We have our own football team called KRYventus who plays against other teams in the Stockholm area. Interested in joining? There's always room for new players to join. 



Chat and chew

As we grow, it's easy to lose contact with other teams - one of the most appreciated activities we throw on a monthly basis is our chat and chew concept. We regularly organize lunches at nearby restaurants where you get to meet people from various teams. 


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