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Hiring at Kry

At Kry/Livi we want to ensure that you as a candidate, get a fair evaluation of your profile and skills as you go through the hiring process. How do we do this? Our hiring managers go through our in-house interview training programme. In this course, our managers learn about how we use our competency framework to help us avoid unconscious bias and D&I awareness , helping us by reducing the risks for chances of discrimination in the hiring process.

We also have a world class talent acquisition team who regularly review our ways of working to ensure the quality in your hiring.

The candidate journey


Apply with your LinkedIn profile and/or your CV. For creative roles, we also ask for your portfolio. Our Talent Team will then shortlist the applications and together with the hiring manager decide next steps.


Your first interview with Kry/Livi will be through phone or google hangouts. You will get more information about the role and be asked questions related to your work-life experiences.


During your recruitment experience with us, you will get the chance to meet with various people; your future manager, team members, and a Talent Partner. We will ask you situational- and competency-based questions throughout the process.


Software Engineers will be asked to complete a code test and a code review. For other positions, we will prepare a case assignment; we ask you to make it at home and prepare a presentation, or you will complete the assignment onsite.


Everyone you've met with during your recruitment experience with us will come together and discuss whether you've met the expectations they've been assessing or not.

Job Offer

At the very end of our recruitment process, we always do a background check via SRS for people working at our HQ. The hiring manager, together with our Talent Partner and Compensation committee, will decide on a competitive job offer.



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