Changing roles within KRY - with Nathalie Zambon

If you're a Clinician at KRY, you have probably received an email written by Nathalie or met one of our KRYers at a job fair for doctors or psychologist that Nathalie planned and coordinated. Or perhaps you saw that job ad in Dagens Medicin that you thought looked nice?It's thanks to Nathalie - our fantastic Employer Branding Coordinator at KRY! 

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"I was raised in a small municipality in the archipelago of Stockholm. After High School I went to live in Bologna. 6 months later, I went home to work and save money for a backpacking trip “down under”. I then went back home to Sweden where I later received a BA in Human Resources at Stockholm University and pretty much after my graduation I started working at KRY"

You joined us in September last year, and you are one of the KRYers that in a short amount of time tried out several roles within KRY.

I was hired as a Junior Staffing Coordinator in Medical Operations where I mostly worked with the recruitment process for our clinicians as well as supporting MDOs (Medical Doctor Operations Managers) with various tasks and small projects. It was a couple of super intense first months, mainly because I didn’t know much about the business of healthcare and it was a great experience. I feel as if that gave me a lot of useful knowledge that I will have an advantage of in all possible roles within KRY. I was then asked to work in a project regarding our patient support, which I gladly said yes to. What I did was to help improve the systems used within the patient support in order to get the most out of it. In February I was offered a new role that is a lot different from what I used to do. 

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Since February I’m working with employer branding and internal communications towards our clinicians. I do newsletters, coordinate webinars, events and at the same time phasing out from the old project with the Patient Support. It’s such an exciting role, and I get to work closely with several stakeholders all over the organization. Although I still work close to different parts of the Medical Operations-team, the new role also meant that I joined KRYs HR-team.

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Wow. Many changes in fairly short a period?

Yes, it's been super fun, and it has given me great insight to the whole organization and how different teams work together and collaborate with other teams. I’d say KRY is impressively good at working on cross-functional projects. It’s been an invaluable asset and a real privilege, and to now be able to work alongside with many different teams in my everyday job is absolutely great. I get to work closely with Quality, RnD, Operations, Marketing, Legal, etc. - what more can you ask for?

What are your main focus right now?

Currently, I’m working on a project that we are planning to launch very soon. It’s together with Nasim Farrokhnia, our fantastic head of research and education and Emma Blomqvist that recently changed her role from being a MDO to be a producer. It’s a huge project where we plan to focus on our clinicians and build a platform consisting seminars, lectures, research, etc. I work closely with both of them in my role, supporting them with communication and coordination.

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What do you consider will be the biggest challenge for KRY?

I would say that not only for KRY but for digital healthcare in general, the most significant challenge is to legitimacy what we are trying to do. We’re changing healthcare, which also requires a change of mindset for both patients but also for clinicians. Change is always difficult, and it’s a process. We are programmed to confirm what we already know and digital healthcare disrupts the mindset of how to seek and meet clinicians, as well as how to provide care. We’re right at the beginning of this process. I think this will require a great transparency of how we work, especially within medical quality and patient security, where we already have a fantastic team that is doing an amazing job.

Where do you see KRY in five years from now? 

KRY will be the first thing that comes to mind when you feel sick!

Lastly, what's your own best Health Hack?

Work out, have fun and laugh a lot!

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