What is CRM? - With Anders Hampf

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Hi Anders, CRM Manager at KRY. Tell us a little something about yourself! 

I’m born and raised in Sweden, went to university in Finland. My plan after my studies was to move back to Sweden, but I got a job in Germany, which eventually resulted that I moved to Australia. It’s been almost 14 years since I lived in Sweden, but it’s nice to finally be home again.

And yes, I did surf when living in Australia. It’s a bit hard to resist, but also since I got a surfboard in a birthday present. I can’t say I was a talent, but it was a lot of fun and something I truly recommend to try!

Everyone talks about CRM, but very few know what it means. What is it that you do and what does CRM mean?

CRM equals Customer Relationship Management. I’m responsible for all e-mail communication with our patients after our great Doctors and Psychologists have met and/or treated them. My job is to maintain contact with our patients through newsletters, and always keep them informed about the latest topics regarding KRY and the healthcare sector in general. I’m responsible for the content, but to be successful and creating useful content I have to work closely with the product team and the medical team.


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So, what is in your mind a worthless newsletter?

That’s a newsletter with no meaning for the patient that only causes irritation and confusions. My job and KRYs is always to put the patient first, and then you have to deliver meaningful information with relevant content for the specific patient. Otherwise, I’m not doing my job in a proper way.  

For someone that is interested in joining KRY, how would you summarize what it’s like working here?

The best thing about working at KRY is the commitment you see from the entire organization with the one goal to reform the healthcare system; it is just amazing to be part of it.  Furthermore, it feels quite meaningful to have joined this journey and to be part of an organization where people actually show up happy and show passion for their work.


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We know that you’re a part of KRYs Counterstrike team as well - Tell us how it is going?  

We have played one game, and we won one round of seventeen, which was a huge disappointment. We blame poor internet connectivity and lack of practice as a team. We’re now looking forward to our next game where we hope to improve our stats!

Lastly, which KRYer do you want us to spend some quality time with next time?

Tobias Niemi (Head of Medical Operations). We went to the same University in Finland, and he’s an interesting person.

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