First month as a KRYer

Hi Magda Ray, Medical Secretary at KRY! How’s your Christmas holiday been? Any New Years resolutions?

My Christmas has been calm and beautiful. A little work in the middle days, but other than that I’ve spent most of my time with my partner, family, and friends, just as it should be. I usually skip New Year's promises, because you often set the bar too high for yourself.  I hope instead that I learned something the previous year that I will bring with me in the choices I make and the actions I take the next year..

You recently joined KRY, and you’ve been here for about one month now, what can you remember from your hiring process?

Of course, I do, I had my first interview at KRY November 16th, and now I have been working here since December 11th. My recruitment process was very fast and intensive. I had four interviews in 2 days, which was both exciting and nervous and I remember that I thought that regardless the outcome it would be a great learning and growing experience. It was apparent that KRY is very caring and responsible about who they hire both on competence and personal suitability, so I became very happy when I found out that I got the job! 


What and how do you remember your first days at KRY?

 My first day is a little blurry, my whole first-week sort of is. There were so many new impressions to take in and new routines to take on. But it was incredibly fun and the days just flew past, and I was very welcomed and well taken care of by my new colleagues.

My onboarding process was very thought-out and comprehensive. Despite the pace and all new impressions, it was a smooth and tangible introduction to the various parts that are included when you’re starting a new job. Anything from getting keys, access to all systems to knowing who to ask if you have a question has been smooth sailing. When you start you get to go to intro meetings which were a new experience for me, you get to meet colleagues from all the different teams of the company who tells you about how they work, about KRY in general and other things that allows you to understand KRY as a unity and how important everyone is to make KRY work. It has really been an exciting and great way to get into the company and allowing you to create an overall picture that’s been useful to embody into your own roll in the company.


What are your expectations on KRY?

 As an employee, I expect to be allowed to continue to develop as an individual and in my work and to continue to be in a safe and positive work environment, which I don’t think should be any problem! On KRY as a company, I expect that KRY will continue to put digital healthcare on the map (literally) and thrive in the market and continue to be the best on what they do, which should not be any problem either!


What’s your days like at KRY?

 I work as a medical secretary in our support team. My colleagues and I probably have the most routine based work at KRY as we take care of all customer support. This means that we respond to email and receive phone calls from our patients daily, but also handle referrals and other administration. So, you’ll always find us in the office between 8-17. On an unusual day, we also deal with the various activities in the office, like dressing Christmas trees for competition, spin the birthday wheel, going to tech demos and other fun stuff! 


What has been the most challenging, so far?

Starting a new job is always a challenge. You learn new things every day, and even though I'm four weeks in here and started to find my feet, I know there's about the same amount left to learn and then some more. What has worked well for me is to take every day as it comes and ask ask ask, everyone is incredibly helpful here at KRY. 

What has been the biggest surprise?

A recurring theme and something one was well informed about before you started is the speed here at KRY. That has probably been the most significant surprise how the pace actually works in practice. Because of the fast changing pace and the constantly evolving workflow, it's a bit like KRY has its own time. When you work here for four weeks, it feels more like maybe three months. But it’s only been positive and fun because you really get into your work, the company and the team.


What do you look forward to heading into 2018?

In 2018, I look forward to following KRY's future development. It's an incredibly fast-growing company with a lot of change, and it's very rewarding to be able to see it from the first parquet and being a part of its development! Otherwise, I think 2018 will be a good year for me, with a new job, good health and a stable everyday life, I'm ready to face all sorts of surprises that this year may throw at me and wishful thinking a bigger apartment and a summer with a lot of sunny days.



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