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As an intern at KRY, you will not spend time making coffee, empty the dishwasher, run other people errands or sit around not knowing what to do. Of course, you’ll help out with coffee and dishes because that’s what everyone does at KRY, but you will spend most of your time right in the middle of exciting projects and work together with the best people in the business within their area of expertise. Curious to learn more? Then, continue to read!  

Meet Jacob Snihs, our Management Intern who soon will leave us, which we are very sad about. But before he leaves for studies, we had the time to sit down to talk about his time at KRY and which advice he would give to pre-KRY-Jacob.

So, first of all. Can you tell us a little something about yourself?

Of course, my name is Jakob, I am 24 years old, and I am born and raised in Uppsala. The past three years I have been studying Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH here in Stockholm. Before I started studying I spent some time working in Barcelona, but I missed Sweden and my family here, so I went back and moved to Stockholm. 

What caught your interest in KRY?

I first heard about KRY in a podcast that they sponsored and thought it was a fascinating idea in how to change healthcare. I knew there were several great people who worked here with experience from other successful start-up companies which also made me interested in learning more about the company.  I kept my eyes open, an opportunity came up as Management Intern and now I have been here since the beginning of September this year. It is interesting how we are, at this moment, making radical changes in primary health care and it will never be the same again.  To be in a company where everyone loves what they are doing and loves to be part of this is a true superpower and doing something that has a higher cause than most jobs. 

We don’t want our interns to make coffee and run errands; we instead get you straight to where it all happens.. But it would be interesting to hear more about what you've been doing the last couple of months? Do we live our promise?

The tasks have been both high and low, and that is probably the charm and one of the best parts of doing an internship at KRY. I never got a role description for me to follow, no one had never been in this role before. KRY is not a large company with structures and processes for everything, I have been allowed to come up with my ideas on how to solve problems or find new workflows. For example, I have worked a lot with researching KRYs prescriptions of antibiotics compared to other caregivers in Sweden, and now we have written an article about it that will get published. 

In the beginning, I was kind of a shadow to Johannes our CEO. We went on meetings together, and I learned a lot on how to present KRY, how to package our business to investors and by working close to him made me get to know our organization very well. I analysed which of our KPIs are meaningful to measure and who do not add any value. I have worked close to the management team and gotten to know all departments (tech, commercial, marketing, legal and so on) and take part of other people’s area of expertise.

What has, in your words, been the most challenging during your internship?  

The most challenging by having my internship here I would say has been to handle uncertainties and that things changes quickly. One day is always different from the other. Another thing has been to learn about healthcare systems around Europe, especially in Sweden. I did not have that much knowledge before KRY but now Johan Flodin, our Head of Medical and the guy from our commercials, think I talk the way doctors do, haha. 

…And the best part of joining KRY?

It is a very dynamic environment to work in. There is always a lot of discussions going on, and you will notice right away that everyone is passionate about changing healthcare and building the best digital healthcare platform. I think it is a big difference working at a start-up company compared to large companies that I’ve worked in before; it’s another climate and a much more open-minded culture. Of course, it has been a pleasure to meet and get to know all the great, smart, ambitious and skilled people as well. 

Which advice would you give to pre-KRY-Jacob, and to people curious about joining KRY for their Internship?  

Dare to be exposed to the risk of failing. And take initiatives, you need to make a lot of initiatives and take actions, and at KRY I can promise that you will have a high learning curve. Last but not least, it is perfectly fine to ask stupid questions and instead learn from others. Be humble, because you will not have all the answers yourself.

You are soon about to leave KRY and from what I've heard you are going on  another adventure, right?

Yes, my internship will soon be over and next year I am going to Milan for an exchange semester. I’ve never been in Milan, but I have two friends from KTH joining me, so I think I’ll survive, haha. I’ll be back in Stockholm by the summer again and then I will for sure have a visit at the office! 

Are you studying to become an engineer or studying economics and interested in joining KRY for your internship? Let us know by connecting with KRY and choose Student as your department. We look forward getting to know you! 

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