Post vacation mode with Country Manager Sarah Wu!

Maybe you’ll think that I’m lying when I say this (since I’m writing this for our Blog) but this is truly the first time that I’ve really looked forward to coming back to work after a wonderful vacation. It might be due to me being relatively new at KRY and still in my new-work-honeymoon-phase. But if that’s the case, then it seems like I’ll be enjoying this honeymoon for a long time to come.

My name is Sarah Wu, and I joined KRY as the new Country Manager for Sweden in late May, so this is my 3rd month on the job. 

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To be honest though, it feels much longer. But in a good way, due to the fact that so much has happened since day one, and I’ve learned so many new things! Starting out knowing very little about the healthcare system in Sweden, to having interesting discussions about it with industry colleagues and politicians at Almedalen 6 weeks later (see our blog post from when we went to Almedalen here). It has been quite a journey!

I started following KRY way before the thought of working here crossed my mind. Having studied biotechnology, I’ve been interested in how tech will impact healthcare in diagnosis, treatment and patient journey and experience, ever since University. However, back then, I wasn’t aware of anything interesting going on in the field. Therefore I’ve worked with many other things up until now, none of which related to tech or healthcare. So when I discovered KRY, it quickly caught my attention. It took another year or so before I realised I could actually be working with this, which I’m very happy about having managed to figure out in the end. Better late than never! 

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Coming back from vacation, I look forward to a lot of exciting things that is going to happen this autumn in Sweden! Obviously, we will continue to develop our core patient product (the service and healthcare we provide to our patients) and our clinicians product (the platform we provide for our doctors and psychologists). For example, we are currently thinking about how to further improve on the psychology service we launched in March and how to make sure that patients that are suffering from poor mental health, such as unhealthy stress or anxiety, knows that we are able to help them within minutes. This is an area where one often doesn’t want to acknowledge that help is needed before it’s too late, but when they do come to turns and look for help, they’re not sure where to go. If we are able to make it easier for patients to ask for help earlier, then it would not only reduce the suffering for that person but also reduce the growing societal costs such as long term sick leaves.

In addition to continuous development of our existing healthcare services, we are also looking into how we can broaden and deepen what we are able to help patients with. The best ideas are those that solve a patient’s problems better than how they are solved today, preferably through tech-enabled processes (both software and hardware). Our definition of “better” is an improved and high quality experience for the patient, with a more efficient treatment process. We are looking into several ideas at the moment and I look forward to talk more about them later this autumn!

Thirdly, but also super important this autumn, is the growth of our team. We have very high ambitions and goals, and to be able to execute on those we need to continue to attract awesome people to join us. KRY has grown quite a lot during the past year but we are far from done growing. So on my agenda of things to look forward to this autumn there’s also welcoming new colleagues to the Swedish team! If you, reading this, feel like you might be a great fit för KRY, or know of anyone that would be, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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